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AUGUST 2006 Edition

Dear Reader
Welcome to the August newsletter.
Judging from replies to last month’s letter some people have already chosen their business and are just looking for extra information, others need marketing advice and the final group are still trying to find their niche.
It isn’t possible to cover all these aspects in a newsletter but I will be sending you details of a Business Development Course. I’ll send the info by both snail (if I have your address) and email.
I will also send details of a brilliant Business Marketing Manual which I have found very helpful.
Now to this month’s subject.
One of the most advertised opportunities involve network marketing of a wide variety of goods from health products to household goods to communication services.
Networking involves selling your product or service and recruiting other people to join you. You get bonuses based on how well they do (how much they sell).
Some people mistake networking for pyramid selling but it isn’t. In pyramid selling the person at the top sells the product for a certain amount which makes it a very attractive prospect. The further down the line you go the more you have to pay so that the poor person at the bottom of the line ends up with a product which won’t sell.
In network marketing all people pay the same price for whatever they are selling. Bonuses are given over and above the profit margin which is the same for all marketers.
Two of the best known companies in the door to door catalogue market are Kleeneze and Betterware.
For anyone wanting an instant income they are ideal because they sell products which everybody needs and must have from some source or other. The advantage of having stuff delivered to your door free of charge is also an attraction.
Very high incomes are possible but involve a lot of time spent putting out leaflets. But if you want a steady cash flow while you find something else then they are ideal.
There are other companies such as Avon who also market via catalogues.
People from all walks of life from all sorts of professions and occupations have decided to become network marketers. They enjoy working in their own time from their own homes. Many people find that they can spend more time doing the things they really want to do and enjoy an income which equals whatever they got before and quite often exceeds it.
You soon make friends with your customers and your sales grow as they come to trust you more.
In the past I have tried many networking schemes.
Of them all I preferred Kleeneze. As a matter of fact I still deliver to my original customers out of choice. I no longer need to but they became my friends so I continue to call on them. Leafleting never appealed to me but I know of other distributors who found it very successful.
Other networking schemes I tried involved much more commitment of time to appeal to me. I won’t tell you about the ones I tried and didn’t like because that wouldn’t be fair.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Lack of success on my part was always because it didn’t appeal to me. (E.g. I don’t like doing party plan. I don’t like having to sell face to face. I don’t enjoy promoting my product such as telephone services to friends and relatives.) Many people can do and enjoy doing these things and are very successful.
This is where it is important to only do something you enjoy – even if at first you consider it as an interim occupation while you look for something else.
If any of you would care to send me comments on network marketing you’ve tried and left, tried and enjoyed and still do, or if require want to find out about various network schemes I will be happy to include the information in a future newsletter. I will also answer any queries. Email me at .
If you would like to know more about network marketing send me your full address and I’ll see you get the information plus details of how you could set up your own network marketing company selling your own products or services.
Next month we will look at franchising and also suggest some niche markets that you might like to consider.
If you haven’t already done so, please let me have your address and I will send you information that you can consider by snail mail.
In the meantime, if you have any comments, ideas or questions please email them to .
Very best wishes,
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