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JANUARY 2007 Edition

Hello again, and Happy New Year.

I hope you have all had a happy, stress-free break from work and are now fighting fit and moving into a successful 2007. Judging by the promotional letters that have landed on the doormat over the last few days UK entrepreneurs are thriving and raring to go.

One thing that tends to detract from the favourable effect hoped for by the writer is poor spelling and grammar. The spelling errors can mostly be traced back to computer spell checks which don’t differentiate between similar words with different meanings. E.g. Shore and shaw; there and their; where, wear and were. The list goes on and on.

Sometimes this may be due to typing errors or just not concentrating while you’re writing.

Easily done! But surely it’s a good thing to check and recheck your copy if you are getting it printed to send out. If you know your spelling is dodgy then get someone else to check your copy for you. It’s a good idea to do that even if you think you are word perfect.

Careless grammar is more of a problem. Poor use of capital letters for names and incorrect use of apostrophes are the most common but not the only mistakes which appear.

 When you’re (not your) trying to promote your big idea you don’t want a big black mark against you from the start.

There are some brilliant books to help with both spelling and grammar. I’m also uploading a copywriting page to in the next few days.

For those of you who are still searching for a new business or ways of developing your existing line the ‘Prospecting for Gold’ option is invaluable and designed to give personal rather than generalised assistance. You can read more on .

I have also started a Blog.  which will be updated regularly.

Best Wishes for A Fantastic 2007.



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