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July 2006 Edition

Welcome to our first newsletter.
Our newsletters are designed to assist every entrepreneur to increase his/her income.
We aim to provide a service for anyone who has the initiative to be in charge of their own lives. We hope you will send us your comments and suggestions. We will be particularly interested in hearing how you are getting on and what you have found to be successful.
The time when we could expect job security and a reliable pension plan has disappeared. People who thought they had a secure future have had the bottom knocked out of their pension pots. In spite of Government pressure most of us are reluctant to take up pension schemes offered to us. Once bitten twice shy.
Jobs which offered a secure future no longer exist. To have job security you have to be your own boss.
We should all look at the opportunities which are available to us. We should be open to ideas that could start us up on the independent trail. Or, if we are already self-employed, that can spark off ideas for business development.
Entrepreneurs and small businesses have a raw deal in the UK. We are encouraged to start up small businesses. We are even told that they are the lifeblood and future of the country. The same authorities who make these claims then proceed to strangle infant ventures with red tape, choke them with ridiculous taxes and bury them under mounds of unnecessary health and safety demands.
So it takes a pretty determined entrepreneur to succeed. Even then we have to keep our eyes on the ball, even when we seem to be on a roll, in case some authoritarian jobsworth invents another hoop for us to jump through.
If you haven’t already taken the plunge or you’re looking for another string to your bow we hope we will be able to give you some ideas.
Different opportunities appeal to different people. The trouble is that most newsletters promote one or two of their own ideas and pass on their own sometimes biased evaluation of other schemes.
Our approach is not to knock any business which provides a good income for a number of people even if it is something that doesn’t particularly appeal to us. The very fact that it is successful for some people means it has potential.
Before you pursue any course or suggestion you should really consider all the aspects that are involved.
Categorise each one as:-
a)      Something I could never do.
b)      Something I’ve never thought of doing but I’ll have a look at it.
c)      Something that really appeals to me.
Now to business.
What is most important to the success of any business?
Quality is vital. So is good and reliable customer service.
But it doesn’t matter how excellent either of those are, or how fantastic your business is, unless people know about it you will struggle at best or fail at worst.
The ingredient you can’t do without is marketing.
Nothing stands still.
Your business might appear to be ticking over nicely as it is. But if you are sitting in your car with the engine ticking over – just watch the traffic passing you by. Before long you’ll find that even tailenders in old bangers will have passed you. Presumably you have your business plan – the SatNav of your journey. Now you have to get started.
So you engage first gear and speed up.
Good. You start to make progress. You keep your foot on the accelerator. Before long you reach the point where your results do not match up with the amount of effort you’re putting in.
Just like driving a car you must go up a gear. And dot it again – and again until you are in top gear.
THEN you will be in a position to cruise along with only an occasional touch on the accelerator. You can be adventurous – even take calculated risks - as long as you keep alert. Be aware of the road ahead in case an obstacle crops up so you can take appropriate action.
Just like driving a car you might sometimes need to drop a gear and then rebuild your speed. Perhaps your SatNav has taken you along an unsuitable track. That doesn’t matter. That’s life. How long it was before you got off that track and get back on the main road depends on how alert you were.
In our next letter we’ll take to the road and check over the marketing plan that will eventually turbo charge your business.
Some of you will be further along the entrepreneur trail than others. If this seems a bit like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs please stick with it. We will widen our scope as we go along.
In the meantime, if you have any comments, ideas or questions please email them to .
Very best wishes,
PS. If you know of anyone who might like to receive our newsletter please forward this to them.


© Copyright Percydale Press 2006

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