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OCTOBER 2006 Edition

Hello again.
I hope the last month went well for you.
I always think that October is rather like the beginning of the business year. The holiday period is over. The children/grandchildren have gone back to school. Even the weather seems to be entering a different phase. We aren’t shivering in penetrating cold, stuffed up in centrally heated rooms or suffering from short days and long dark nights.
This month seems to be the time for creating a plan of action for the next few months before next year’s summer break comes along.
Planning is very important to having a successful life – not just in business.
Everyone should take time out to see where they are in life.
Ask yourself if the past year has been a satisfying one or not. No matter what your answer is you must analyse it. Work out ways of repeating and strengthening the good points and, particularly important, find ways to avoid repeating the negative aspects of the period.
You should make decent notes about your conclusions. (They shouldn’t be so brief that after a few days you won’t have a clue what they mean. I’m frequently caught out that way.)
It’s a good idea to have a long-term idea of where you want to be this time next year, then five, ten fifteen years into the future. If you did this last October you will be able to see whether you are on schedule.
If things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped now is the time to consider the different options that are open to you. Consider everything that’s available and don’t ever ignore anything because it just not ‘you’ without really thinking about whether it could be adapted in some way. Learn the art of lateral thinking. Often leads you along unusual, exciting and productive paths.
Set yourself a good selection of goals. Easy ones to boost your confidence progressing to those that at the moment seem unobtainable. Keep focused and positive and you’ll get there.
The most inhibiting factors for the budding entrepreneur come from friends and family. For some reason they are inordinately fond of throwing buckets of cold water on every idea you come up with. (If yours aren’t like this you can thank your lucky stars!)
There are deep psychological reasons for this – mostly rooted in fear of loss. They subconsciously feel that your ambitions will take you away from them. You are taking them out of their comfort zone.
Do not be put off. It is essential that you mix with people who are as positive in outlook as you are. Keep away from the company of the doom and gloom brigade as far as possible. (Difficult if they are wife/husband/partner/parent/ children – but eliminate everyone else from your immediate group.)
If your current situation leaves a lot to be desired don’t be tempted to rush into any new scheme or venture without considering everything extremely thoroughly. BUT - if you have a gut feeling that it is really the way you want to go count that as a major plus sign.
Here at Percydale Press we have put together a programme which will help you to work on building the life and lifestyle you really want. It’s a monthly system of modules which will take you step by step along the way with practical suggestions and ideas you can put into operation immediately.
We will put you in touch with people who might be able to help you and we will be available via email at any time.
We will send you another email with the information in more detail. It will have ‘Prospecting for Gold’ in the subject line, so look out for it. Or you can read about it at click on ‘Prospecting for Gold’.
Until the next newsletter,
Very best wishes,

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