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SEPTEMBER 2006 Edition

Hello again,
Many of you will receive great piles of business opportunity letters offering ways to make fantastic amounts of money for just a few hours’ work a week.
These opportunities may be everything they claim except easy. But don’t throw the letters away. They can be very valuable to you - especially if they almost tempted you to buy into them.
First of all analyse them. Do they tell you exactly what the opportunity is?
Most of them will only tell you what their business isn’t. E.g. Not betting. Not multi-level marketing. Not property development. Etc.
Next – Study the letter. What was it that made you think about taking the plunge?
Was the headline eye-catching?
Was it too long, too short or just right?
These letters are examples of the copywriter’s skill. What attracts you is not the product but the picture of the lifestyle you could live which the copywriter has conjured up in your mind.
It’s the dream not the product you buy.
There’s nothing wrong or shady about good copywriting, but sometimes the dream can raise unrealistic hopes.
Before you buy into any scheme I suggest you look past the dream to the product. Is it something you might be able to do? If it is then by all means pursue it further. If you are not sure, ask questions. Purchase the material offered providing there is a money back guarantee.
There should always be a good money back no quibble guarantee.
As soon as I see a conditional guarantee I get suspicious.
E.g. “If you can prove to me that you have followed my plan exactly and you haven’t made ££££ in three months I will give you a full refund.”
That gives the seller a good get out because it isn’t all that easy to prove you have followed a scheme exactly. It might be legit. – But I’d be careful.
Whatever you do, keep the letter. If you start your own business at some future date you can use that letter to give you ideas for writing your own copy.
The copywriting can make or break your business.
Now, as promised last month, franchising and niche markets.
To put it simply, franchising is where someone else has developed an item or service. They then authorise other people to sell the companies goods or services. They charge sometimes quite a heavy fee for this authorisation.
Although the franchisee is self-employed there are strict constraints on the way the business is run. On the good side the company usually offers training and help when required.
There are franchises for carpet and house cleaning, for various food outlets, restaurants and cafes, video and DVD rentals, clothing rentals, you name it and it’s there. If anyone would like a list of some of them just email me at .
Franchising is a fairly safe way to having your own business, but I personally feel it is rather restrictive if you want a business you can really put your own inventiveness and ideas into.
Niche markets are what every entrepreneur should develop.
You build up a niche market by finding something in which you have a great interest. Read about it, write letters to relevant magazines about it, write articles and send them to those same magazines.
Produce audio, video or DVD presentations. You can do master copies quite easily with any modern computer and mini-cam. These can be offered for sale either through classified ads. or through clubs and shops.
We offer a good package taking you step by step through this process. Read about it at or access it via
Business Opportunities.
Finally I have a suggestion you might like to think about.
I don’t know about you, but I get loads of really good newsletters that I save in Word documents but never get round to reading. Quite often I know there is something I want to know about in one of them but am not sure which so I manage without. I now have my favourite newsletters sent by snail mail. Obviously there is a charge to cover postage, etc. but I think it’s worth it. I can highlight passages, or make notes in the margin.
If you would like the Percydale newsletter to be sent to you by snail mail I will be happy to do this. It will cost you £19.99 per year in the UK (12 copies – no ‘holiday’ months). I will also include an freebie or extra information with each newsletter.
If you’re interested and live in the UK send a cheque for £19.99 to
T. Cochrane, Nanella, Middlemarsh, Sherborne DT9 5QN.
If you live outside the UK email me your request and I’ll quote you a price.
Next month we’ll look at some marketing ideas which will be useful what ever business you are in.
In the meantime,
Best wishes and happy entrepreneuring,

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