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April 2007 Edition

Hello again, and welcome to the April newsletter.

This really does seem to be the ideal time for entrepreneurs to really establish themselves.

Pensions are no longer reliable, no jobs are secure and the tax burden is getting heavier.

People are placing more faith in smaller organisations. Look at the growth of farmer’s markets. We’re all fed up with not being able to contact a real person if we have a problem or a question. Thus any entrepreneur who puts the client first has an advantage over businesses which rely on those awful call centres and pressing numerous digits to quite often end up back where you started.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to consider, but one thing none of us has is the time to study them all. The thing is that we each have to choose something that we can enjoy, something that appeals to us on every level. Every business opportunity you loo at will feature people who have made millions and suggesting that if you follow their methods you will be equally successful.

Unfortunately life isn’t quite that simple. You have to have the desire, the motivation and the passion to achieve what you want.

Not everyone is motivated in the same way. For example, some famous and rich authors first rocketed to fame and fortune from a state of almost destitution. It was the extreme poverty that motivated them. Others can only be motivated from a fairly comfortable starting point. Destitution has a paralysing effect on them.  

The good thing is that anyone can find something which will press the right buttons for them and set them on the right path.

That’s why we developed the ‘Prospecting for Gold’ package (view it on our site a ). As we explain, it provides an opportunity for a personalised development programme. Each month the system helps you to define your particular strengths and helps you to develop a business which will give you what you want.

If you would like to talk to me about it you can email me at including a contact number.

Another very valuable place for entrepreneurs to visit is .

You might also like to read my Blog .

Best Wishes until June.

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