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February/March 2007 Edition

Hello again, and welcome to a very belated and short combined newsletter for February and March. My excuse is the atrocious weather.

My main interests in life (apart from family) are my livestock and plants. The horses live out all year round but that means a lot of extra work when rain makes our boggy, clay based land very difficult to keep viable and in good condition.

The plants, which include many rare or delicate specimens, have to have their ‘feet’ kept dry and everything has to be anchored securely against the wind. Hopefully a warm and wonderful summer will make up for it all.

Now to business. I’m fortunate in that I can take time off to deal with the things that really matter to me. (See above.)

If you are not yet in that happy position I would urge you to look at ‘Prospecting for Gold’ on our site a It really does provide an opportunity for a personalised development programme. If, after visiting that page, you would like to talk to me about it you can email me at including a contact number.

Another very valuable place to visit is .

My Blog is .

Best Wishes until April.


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