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Welcome to the BAwriter Catalogue expressly created for books produced
by Small Presses and Self-Publishers
There are excellent books in all genres which don’t enjoy countrywide coverage or which are lost in the avalanche of books from the big publishing houses. These books are what we want to include in our catalogue. Because we are a very new venture our list is quite short at present but it will be regularly updated and increased so we hope that you will continue to visit us often. We would also appreciate it if you would recommend this catalogue to anyone else you know who would be interest in seeing what we have to offer. At the moment we are listing the books by Publisher and books by category. A good start to see what we have to offer would be to look at the site map as it shows all the entries on the site. We 'small' people often have wide and varied interest. As our list gets longer we will add a search facility and drop down menu's to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The instructions for ordering and paying for books are given both at the end of the publisher’s entry and underneath the individual book. In some instances you can read the first chapter or an excerpt from the book. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and hope that you will find something that interests you. And if you are interested in being listed please contact us by Email to or by snail mail to Percydale Press, Nanella, Middlemarsh, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 5QN.

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