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Odd Sock Syndrome

The sock positively leered at me as it emerged from the washing machine. It was an indeterminate dirty orange colour. For years the Odd Sock Syndrome has puzzled me. How can it be possible to put complete pairs of socks into the wash and find that when you hang them out to dry you have a number of odd socks. Not just one odd sock. It’s usually an equal number of odd socks which has led me to the following conclusion.
Sock manufacturers are colluding in a massive plot to increase their sales. The colours of one sock out of a pair are not permanent. I count them in and out regularly. No problem. Sometimes it will survive for several washes.
Then something crops up and my concentration goes. Hey Presto, everything changes. Not gradually so that you don’t notice. It will happen suddenly and with no reason. The red socks you put into the washing machine emerge as one red and one purple. One red sock has disappeared. The purple sock is not only a different colour from the pair you started off with, it is also not the same size and doesn’t look like the same pattern..
Don’t mock. Go and look at your odd socks. Can you remember buying or having a pair that even resemble some of them? Aren’t some of them a colour that you would never ever consider buying, never mind wearing. Indeed they might be so horrible that even if they had been given to you as a present you would have donated them to the nearest charity shop immediately.
The really annoying thing is that half of the socks are just what you would choose. Some of them were once your favourite socks but the only thing they have in common with the horrors is the physical pattern.
To compound the mystery it is always your favourite socks which vanish, the ones you chose carefully at your leisure. The socks you bought in a hurry and positively hate remain stubbornly two of a kind.

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