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When did Alsation dogs turn into German Shepherds? And why?
And when and why did the Union Jack morph into the Union Flag?
And why is it that when 500 people are interviewed the results are assumed to represent accurately the opinions of the roughly millions who live in the UK providing they say what the interviewer wants? (The other side always claim that you can’t rely on the polls.)
And why do the media claim that everyone is discussing, or is horrified by, or has some other strong opinion about cause they think might be controversial when none of the many people I meet every day are doing no such thing and couldn’t care less because they have far more important things to bother about.?
When did the people we elected to represent us in Parliament become ‘our political masters’? They wish!
And why is it perfectly reasonable to expect a pensioner to live on a pittance on the assumption that there might be some wealthy pensioners who might get more than they need? Don’t the legislators realise that wealthy pensioners will pay income tax and that poor pensioners don’t like having to parade their poverty on a form before they can get any extra benefits. Admit it, you parliamentary people, you know that it because most of them won’t it is a cheaper option to organise pension payments that way.
Why is it OK for the USA and the UK to lock away people indefinitely without telling them what the charges are, how long they will be held, and why they are suspected but other regimes who act this way are not acceptable?
When will politicians realise that the reason we don’t vote is because they’re all as bad as each other and don’t provide us with anything worth voting for?

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